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Creating a complete automated system

In the week prior to the lock down, Ebtech Glasshouse Systems completed the screening refurbishment works at the site of W S Bentley Growers, near Snaith, East Yorkshire.

The client had his glasshouse split into two screening zones, one having a moving shade screen, the other having a non-moving blackout screen, what Ebtech did was remove the blackout screen and extend the shade screening, adding all the mechanisms and cloth to make it one complete automated screen system.

The area that was refurbished covered 2,764.8m² and the cloth we used was Phormiums Phormitex 77 as the client required a high level of shade and energy saving, 75% & 63% respectively. The screen was a wire driven system using 19mm leading edge and slipping clutches.

If the challenge of adding to an already existing system wasn’t enough, we had to do the installation whilst working amongst a container bench system that was still operational.

The installation was successfully completed within a week and the client is already seeing the benefit.

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